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As a certified health coach and fitness instructor, and lecturer, my wife Monya has a passion to help people maximize their overall health and well-being. In The Triangle Formula of Success the first step to achieving any goal is to assess your protective factors and risk factors. Protective factors can enhance the chances that a goal will succeed. And risk factors can derail a goal from coming to pass. To a large extent, success or failure depends on which factors we choose to gravitate to and follow. It is really that simple.

A dieter might identify these factors:

Protective Factors

Risk Factors

friends, weight watch support groups,
positive attitude, vision (here's the
new me!!)

fast-food restaurants, time management,
depression, upbringing, prior eating
habits, commercial ads

In the book, Monya shares her experiences and the formula of success she used – starting with vision – to shed the additional weight that accompanied the birth of Lawrence Elijah.

'"I first had to incorporate good eating habits, to counteract the cravings for certain unhealthy foods. It is important to prepare your mind for healthy eating - for you and the baby. Instead of eating big portions three meals a day, I ate four to five meals a day and smaller portions, usually every two or three hours. This approach boosts metabolism, which is instrumental to shedding extra weight. Next, I concentrated on building muscle through weight training. Cardio sessions were also important in losing the extra weight.'

With our daughter Nyah, Monya recalls that she did not have healthy eating habits. She remembers how her body looked after giving birth. Not as tone as she would have liked. Monya said it took her about two years to get back to working out. ‘Once I started my routine, I had to work hard to return to my pre-pregnancy fitness level.’ That mental image compelled her to implement some changes while pregnant with Elijah.

The vision she maintained with our son strengthened her commitment and she made every activity measure up. Her eating habits. Exercise programs. Cardio sessions. Within five months, Monya lost over twenty pounds without traumatizing her body, and she accomplished this through the power of vision. Eight months later she reached her goal, losing an astonishing thirty pounds!”

Perhaps you are not the physical fitness type. Monya’s advice in The Triangle Formula of Success can give you the added boost and inspiration you need to achieve a healthy lifestyle!

How to Decrease Body Fat Percentage and 4 Ways to Improve Your Diet

How does someone get rid of excess body fat? Recommended options include exercising regularly and meaningfully, and eating healthy. Men and women who want to lose weight need to burn as many calories as possible, and limit their caloric intake. When faced with the desire and/or necessity to decrease body fat percentage, a person needs to significantly increase cardiovascular output. Simply put: GET UP AND MOVE MORE! Eating habits must also change.

A commitment to better eating is just the beginning. You also need to figure out how and what to change. Here are four suggestions that can put (and keep) you on the right path:

1. Keep a food record

To fix your diet, you must know where it is broken. For at least a week, record everything you eat, and when you eat it. By analyzing your eating routine, you can discover both the good and bad habits you make when choosing foods. Keeping an ongoing food record while trying to establish better eating habits can discourage mindless eating, and more importantly, makes you accountable to . . . yourself!!
2. Discover the food pyramid

By adding ample amounts of vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and beans (or legumes) to your diet, you will reap great benefits from phytochemicals, which are protective, disease-preventing compounds. In addition, consuming plant foods that are high in fiber play an important role in weight loss by creating a feeling of fullness without delivering the big calorie load of high-fat and/or low-nutritious foods . (Women need 25 grams of fiber in their diet, and men 35 grams, to satisfy the recommended daily requirements.)
3. Remove temptations

When re-training your eating habits, avoiding temptations are a better strategy than trying to resist them. Remove all “junk” food from your home and restock with nutritious foods that are easy to grab when you feel like snacking. Pre-cut veggies, nuts, fruit, yogurt, protein shakes, and health bars are great alternatives. However, don’t deprive yourself; you’ll only set yourself up to fail. It is okay to eat your yummy favorites, but only on occasion and in moderation. Again, on occasion and in moderation.
4. Don’t give up

Finally, if you begin to slide into former eating patterns, refuse to give up and abandon your efforts. Persistence is better than perfection. Accept setbacks, but continue to move on. Every one of us regresses from time-to-time. However, successful people (dieters or otherwise) know how to rebound after a slip-up.

Stay tuned for more coaching from Monya on obtaining and maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle.

*Please consult a physician before starting any diet, weight loss regimen, or exercise program.

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